Homesteaders’ Surplus Swap and Social

Homesteaders’ Surplus Swap and Social


Back in April, I led a foraging walk for a group of folks at the annual Living Free in Tennessee Spring Workshop. The general goal was to identify useful plants, mainly for edible and medicinal purposes. I touched on how to make accurate identifications and how to test for any undesireable reactions. Plant ID is more than just learning how to look for a certain species. It lets you begin to understand microclimates, how nature forms guilds and it’s the basis of simply understanding what the land is trying to convey.

It should also be seen as a lifelong endeavor.

I have experience and I’m comfortable teaching and consulting on a number of nature-based topics, but I’m still, and always will be, a student of the land. I always want to maintain a sense of wonder and connection and most importantly, humility.

With that said, here at the homestead we’re making a big push to be a place of learning, teaching and fellowship with folks who are also interested in these topics.

On Sunday, August 7, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm we’re hosting a Homesteaders’ Surplus Swap and Social. Come out to trade your garden goods, spare tools, homemade products or just your own skills and knowledge. Interested folks can email me at to receive the address and directions. We would love to see you!

Photo Credit to @Krystalmoralee