2023 Spring Update

2023 Spring Update

Happy Spring, everyone!

No doubt that y’all are a lot like me, reveling in the longer days, warmth (at least here in the south!) and ability to work the soil. I love how spring gradually emerges from the depths of winter, first very slowly then all at once.

I enjoy finding the little signs – bud swell on the trees and the cedar waxwing and bluebirds returning to the farm. Rabbits are everywhere, doing what rabbits do best. Yesterday a wild turkey came through and evaluated the Narragansetts and Slates hanging out in their pen.

My schedule has also emerged from the slow winter months into full spring productivity. I’ve got three new consults ongoing and I’m especially excited about helping some folks put fallow pasture back into production right here just a few miles from our land.

More consults are on the books and I have availability to add a few more if you’re looking at putting your property into production. I can consult and design urban properties or larger areas.


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We had a great turn out for the February Social Swap and Meet. Gradually we’re building local community for trading, assistance, building and education.

Self Reliance Festival in Camden, TN last week was a success and improves with every incarnation. The next one will be mid October and I’m considering what I may want to present to the audience. Is there anything y’all would like to cover? The presentations will be livestreamed as well.

Coming up I’m looking forward to attending and teaching at the Living Free in Tennessee Spring Workshop (www.livingfreeintennessee.com) in April. That’s become a reunion of old friends while making new ones, learning, revelry and perhaps a bit of scheming.

On the farm, I’ve got turkey eggs in the incubator (with more available if anyone is interested.) Six Rhode Island White chicks in the brooder box. We got a light weight coop for the four adult chickens that I can easily move with a dolly as I’m moving them every few days. Currently they’re on the edge of the food forest inside their Premier 1 netting.

I planted 12 trees in the lower pasture – oak, pecan and persimmion. I envision an eventual silvopasture approach to that area.

I got the potatoes planted yesterday and deeply mulched with finished turkey straw/compost.

I think the plan this year is to continue running mainly birds. If things come together so that I can fence for sheep, I’d be stoked to have some ruminants grazing on the land. I have to be wise about adding animals as those responsibilities fall to my wife and parents to assist with when I travel.

We’re enjoying some light rain today – perfect for the new swale I’ve added to the food forest. The next few weeks are filled with consult work, some installations and the new season of property maintenance for a tiny home community.


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I’ve got limited quantities of hops and some rooted elderberry as well if y’all need some for your systems.

Reach out and let me know what’s up and how I can help with your goals!



March 31, 2023