Kind words from Customers:

“Kerry’s enthusiasm is inspiring! And his adaptability, friendliness, and straightforward communication skills make him great to work with.” – Wyn Miller of LickSkillet Farm in New Market, TN
My new pollinator garden is abuzz this morning. Kerry Brown owner of Strong Roots Resources installed this for me during the past month and already it is inhabited with butterflies and bumblebees. I love sipping coffee & watching the activity. 🐝 💜
-Anne Lasley Williams of Knoxville, TN

From Tim and Michelle,

Northeast Tennessee

Happy Friday Kerry, sharing some photos of what we’ve been able to accomplish so far after your help.

At some point, we’ll be needing some further guidance from you.



Jacqueline Harris, Maryville, TN:

Moving to Maryville, TN from Astoria, OR was a big change. While there are similarities in some ways the clay soil is something I’ve never worked with…or the bugs. The zone and growing season are different,  and let’s face it, I am a novice gardener at best. I happened to see Strong Roots Resources mentioned in a comment on a Knoxville Facebook gardening group.  I contacted Kerry and he came out to the house to help me plan my gardens, looked my soil, slope, what I wanted to grow, etc. He was a huge help to me, super friendly, and even helped and chatted about other topics not necessarily garden related. Next we shall tackle hydroponics! Emailing Kerry for help and advice was a great decision; well worth it. Thanks Strong Roots Resources! 

From Marcus Shreve

Chattanooga, TN:

A year ago, I killed 2 tomato plants within a month of taking the start ups home from the store. This year thanks to Kerry’s advice and encouragement my tomato plant bushed so well I was able to give cuttings off it to a friend who is also growing tomatoes from it. Not only have I been able to grow tomatoes, I also have potatoes growing for the first time as well as herbs.