A visit with YouTubers Off Grid and Growing

A visit with YouTubers Off Grid and Growing

If someone spends any amount of time talking with me, they’ll hear about how synchronicity works in my life with increasing frequency. Particularly so when it comes to the business and meeting people with whom I can exchange value.

Let me tell you a cool story about how the latest sync came to pass.

Several weeks ago, I had spent the day in Fentress County, TN helping my buddy Mike, along with several other people, work on his turkey coop build. I began to head home as the sun was going down and realized that I needed to get gas, sooner rather than later.

Bad prepper, right there.

As I moved through the collection of backroads and popped out onto the highway, I pulled off at the first gas station available.

While I was filling up, this tall, bearded guy came out of the store, made eye contact with me and asked about Strong Roots Resources – as advertised on the magnets on the Jeep.

Turns out this was Sean, one half of Sean and Jes – folks who are building an off-grid homestead nearby and documenting their journey via their YouTube channel Off Grid and Growing.


I explained to Sean the mission for SRR and he told me how to get in touch with them. A few emails, a phone call and a few weeks later, I went out to visit their homestead to advise them on some food production strategies, a general property evaluation and to address their specific questions.

This video here shows the full documented property walk from my December visit. https://youtu.be/QbpqYpDuutw?feature=shared

I really appreciate the opportunity to help Sean and Jes. This is a good example of how a property walk looks when I’m onsite to evaluate and begin the consulting process for resilient food systems. I’m currently working on the follow up document to accompany the footage they filmed.

We’ll be building a relationship going forward – which really is the best of part of all of this. I’ve formed so many excellent friendships with folks who are following their goals of independence and resilience and I’m here for it every step of the way.

Be sure to subscribe to their channel and support their mission.

As always, I can be reached at strongrootsresources@gmail.com for your edible landscape design – whether large or small. Winter is a great time for planning new systems or improving current ones.

Be well, until next time!