What Do You Want to Accomplish?

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

When I meet a new customer, this is the first question I pose:

What do you want to accomplish?

For 14 years I have been transforming a neglected urban lot into a place that grows food, supports wildlife habitat and is an enjoyable and engaging place to spend time.

There has been a tremendous learning curve during this time and I’ve done/redone/undone several aspects and put to work a variety of methods to achieve my goals.

If I were to start over here or on another property, the most important change I would make would to collect data as a thorough assessment of all aspects of the property. From the orientation of the home and other buildings to how shade is cast or sunlight falls, how water moves and collects, all of this is just the beginning of the assessment process. Keeping in mind what you want to accomplish, we can lay the ground work to save you time, money and frustration as well as helping you see what the possibilities are.

Strong Roots Resources has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the big picture perspective for improving the functionality of your property. Whether you want to grow edible or medicinal plants, attract wildlife to food and shelter, increase privacy or open up cluttered areas, we’re happy to help guide you through this process.