Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement
Meet Stub. Short on toes but still motivated to locate the ideal snack. Photo credit to Bonnie Clark.

Strong Roots Resources is a business built around teaching the concepts of modern home economics in order to help others build resilience into their lives. We use a variety of permaculture techniques, waste stream redirection and frugal planning to demonstrate how to turn a standard consumer-oriented home into a place of food production, creativity and harmony.

Our focus is helping our neighbors assess and understand the potential of their property, no matter how small, in terms of growing food, reducing energy use and fostering independence.

These skills can be learned and applied regardless of economic status.

We share this knowledge and skill set following our own 13 year (and on going) experience with small scale homesteading in an urban area. We speak from a place of humility, acknowledging a gradual learning curve and small successes that have built upon themselves.

We have found that a change towards this type of lifestyle should be gradual in order to be successful. We are here to help those who are at the beginning of the path or those who are a few steps along the way and would like additional guidance.

We aim to educate, inspire and learn along with others who are on the path of sovereignty.