Rogue Food Conference 2020

Rogue Food Conference 2020

This past weekend I attended the first ever Rogue Food Conference in Northern Kentucky. Food sovereignty pioneers Joel Salatin and John Moody respectively emceed and coordinated the gathering, which included farmers, co-op builders, small business owners and other folks who are trying to work around the behemoth food system that is a contributor to the health problems of many Americans.

I came away with a practical arsenal of information and methods to manage/mitigate the regulation factor. Or to take it another step: how to entirely disregard the highly invasive and overly persistent governmental interference in an action that’s no one’s business but my own: how I eat, and if I so choose, how I decide to produce food and share it with others.

The fact that our food system is so broken and my belief that all people have the right to healthy, nutrient dense food is a large reason why I’ve started this business. When closing the day and after hearing so many remarkable stories of human resilience through heartbreaking scenarios, Joel Salatin’s final remarks resonated. He was glad so many people came together to learn and support one another in the face of regulatory authority threatening freedom but that in ten years, he hoped it would no longer be necessary. He hoped we could just all get together and share our stories of success and growth and inspire another generation. I was stoked to see that there were many people there younger than myself, wanting to be part of this movement.

A sea change does seem to be afoot and many people are waking up to realize that we’ve literally been fed lies for several decades. For those who are ready to accept truth and a change in their habits, I’m here to help.

We must support one another, build trust and foster relationships to keep this movement going forward.

If you have thoughts or ideas, please pass them along.