Winter Wrap Up

Winter Wrap Up
Looking westward as the sun returns

It’s late February and I feel like we’re finally rounding that curve towards warmer weather and the ability to coordinate and complete projects without wrestling in the mud.

In a lot of ways, this was a quieter, introspective winter. Wintertime can always be a little difficult for me. I probably don’t tolerate the lack of sunshine very well and I’m not well suited to being indoors during poor weather. But keeping in contact with like minded folks with similar goals has been a balm. We’ve lifted each other up when any of us have been feeling a little weary.

Seeds have been started, beds are being prepped. I’m working on rooting mulberry cuttings and I’ve made some progress in invasive species removal. A quail aviary is in the process of being framed and I have a plan for housing a breeding pair of rabbits. I’ll also be pasturing chickens via portable housing and portable electric fencing. With a full year of observation and interaction of the land under my belt, I’m comfortable to begin adding permanent infrastructure.

My wife and I have been batting around what our primary goals are, both with the property and with the business. Those two aspects are tied closely together now, as the property will be the hub for classes and demonstration sites.

We’re balancing what infrastructure needs to be added for hosting while also having a slim budget. As always, creatively, salvage and tapping into our community resources will be key.

Community and connection will be the main focus for the year.

I’ve been making the podcast rounds and have the shows listed under the Media tab on the website. Brian from the LOTS Project and I discussed how I’ve been crafting a lifestyle that’s a buffer between the traditional economy and the alternative economy. Tim Cook from All Seasons Maintenance and I discussed my path away from traditional employment to the small business/side hustle life style and Amy Dingman from A Farmish Kind of Life and I talked about the methods to building community and how we have to talk ourselves out of our comfort zone in order to create associations worth having.

I’m most excited about our upcoming participation for the first weekend of a Permaculture Design Course taught by Era Keys of Earth Minded Landscapes. Link here for sign ups for the spots remaining:

Permaculture doesn’t just teach you how to work regeneratively with the land but includes a way to adjust your entire life perspective. When you start reframing a problem as a way to reach a solution, there’s not much that stands in your way. I’m honored to work directly with a talented and personal designer and teacher like Era.

Last weekend I was in Camden, TN for the Self Reliance Fest. I did a short presentation on putting microclimates to build out small and underused spaces. I also provided multiple sassafras trees, did lots of chatting and planning with old and new friends and drove home with a fire lit under my ass to get my projects underway. Another festival is planned for June 11, 2022. Sign up link here for presenters, tickets, demonstrators and vendors:

Stay turned here and to the social media on Facebook, IG and the Knoxville Permaculture Guild on Telegram and FB for upcoming events, both here at BlueBird Hill Homestead and nearby in the East Tennessee area.

Telegram Groups:

If anyone would like to meet up in person, I’ll be at the Station at 19E for a gathering on Saturday, March 5th. It’ll be a potluck for homesteading/freedom minded community members. There will be a plant and seed swap as well.

I’ll also be attending a presenting at the spring Living Free in Tennessee workshop on April 28-30th. All the details are here and I believe there are a couple of tickets remaining.

As always, I’m available for on-site consults and visits within a few hours of Knoxville for assisting in planning out a homestead. If there’s enough interest in a particular region, I can plan out a short tour and fit multiple visits within a short time. Contact:

Happy (nearly) Spring, ya’ll! Be well.